Stressed 😭 Need Opinions...

Ok guys. So me and my bf have been together almost 3 years and we live together. I have 2 kids not with him but, from a previous relationship he is deceased. Im 19 weeks pregnant with my bf's first child. At first he was really excited he has picked out a name and everything. And even now its like he's excited but sometimes not so much. But, these last 2 months he seems completely different. He just started working again so he works 5 a.m. - 4 p.m. and I work from maybe 9:30 a.m. - 10 p.m we only see each other nights and maybe week ends if im of..he doesn't really consider im just as tired as him and when I talk to him about it nothing changes.

And granted I work with guys although its nothing to worry about he thinks Im cheating. Like he could pick me up from work and I could be talking to one of the guys and juat laughing he swears we must be talking or something behind his back.

For example, our light in the bathroom at our store was out out had been out for maybe 2 months my bf knows this I tell him everything that goes on at the store. We got a new manger and one night I helped fix it he had to replace the whole fixture which caused him to completely turn the power out. Our store is like a small maze to get the bathroom I left my phone sitting on the counter in front thinking this won't take long. Sometimes I dont think things through well it took about 30 minutes in that time my bf came and called about 5 times sent a text pretty much saying im in the back have sex with the guy. So I finally realized my phone and my ride. Omg let me call...get up there to call him he instantly goes off!!! All the time sitting outside or tiny store..Get your ass out here you must think I'm stupid. Tell you what tell him to bring you home then. I tired to explain but, he already had his mind made up im a cheater. Saying its happen to him before

Now just every thing I do he swears there is someone else.

Im tired of it what should I do??