Looking for opinions, answers.

Im 22. So I had the Mirena IUD put in after I had my second child in December of 2012. I had it for a year then it really started to bother me. I could feel it when I would stand up, and sit down. Then it was causing VERY painful sex. I got tired of it, couldn't take it anymore so I reached in an pulled it out just like a tampon in March of 2014. (I know probably not the smartest of choices) well it took about  12 weeks for my period to start again, and has been regular ever since, I mean starting on the exact day kind of regular. Well my boyfriend and I are trying for baby number three. We have been tryin for about 7 months now, with no luck at all. Could my self removal of the Mirena be why I haven't conceived yet? How long does it take to get pregnant after having an IUD?