Please pray for me.

Kennedy β€’ Engaged to my soulmate! Gave birth to our little boy Kayden Kristopher 02.22.2016πŸ‘ΆπŸ’™ Took 13 months of TTC with PCOSπŸ’• TTC baby #2 started May 2018πŸ’–
I found out 3 days ago that Im pregnant I went to the hospital yesterday to get everything checked because I was in alot of pain. They did blood work and my levels were only 57. Im around 4-5 weeks. They said I will most likely miscarry or its earlier on than I think. Im going back early in the morning get my levels checked again to see if my levels went up or not. This is devastating and Im hoping for the best. I haven't stopped crying all day. Im asking if people will keep me in their prayers that I dont lose my jelly bean.. πŸ’” thank you.