Getting my baby to sleep. Help

Tegan • Australian • Taken • Mumma to 1 • instagram teganculverhouse

Ladies I’m at my absolute wits end and I don’t know how much more I can take. My 7 month old won’t sleep during the day. At all. He will scream and cry because he’s so tired but he just won’t sleep. There is nothing I can do. I’ve tried cuddling him, a rocker, letting him cry out. I bought him a lulla doll, he has his dummy but nothing works. The only time he will sleep is on a bottle but I’m solid feeding now and it’s making me double up the feeds which isn’t good for him. It doesn’t help that I live with my family who give him bottle after bottle whenever he cries and whenever I try to reinforce my rules they say “don’t be stupid. I’ve been parenting longer than you” and they aren’t taking my parenting seriously. How can I get my baby to sleep during the day because I’m in tears everyday because I’m so exhausted and tired because all he does is cry because he’s so tired