When should I test?

Sydney • 22! Mommy of a handsome 1 year old💕❣️✨

So almost a year ago I was pregnant, but I had a missed miscarriage. I had my D&C; in July. Afterwards my body wasn’t the same anymore😔 My boyfriend and I have been TTC since January. Every symptom I had from last time I’m having now. My period is due tomorrow and I have NO sign of it! The symptom that I’m having that’s making me think that I really am pregnant is I’m having these horrible headaches if I go too long w/o eating. I suffer from migraines, but I take medicine for it. My medicine isn’t working to stop these headaches, only food. I want to test so bad! I’m trying to wait a week after AF was supposed to come. Should I wait a week, or take one Friday?