Went from planning wedding to being heart broken


I thought I met my soul mate . We’ve been trying for a baby for over 15 months , and it’s torn us apart. My fiancé literally left me also I️m in the 2ww periods due in 5 days . He’s found someone else within 1 week and has posted her on Snapchat I only know because a family member sent It to me. He says he didn’t mean to post it there just friends. How can I move on I feel like I can’t live without him even though he’s purposely hurting me. These past 3 years have had ups and downs but this breakup was so sudden .We got got into an argument about our fertility issues, he left for 3 days I went to my aunts funeral engaged came back to catching him with another female . I can’t stop thinking about him can’t stop loving him even though we argue through text everyday and he said he only wants to be a father to his baby if I️m pregnant and nothing more then the next day he’s saying if I am pregnant to have an abortion how could he say that after wanting one so badly . Each day he switches how he feels between the two . I talked to him yesterday and he’s jealous of a close male friend I have and says I️m his, and to get rid of him . But he had a box of condoms in his new apartment. What’s with the mind games? What should I do ?