I think someone was in my house.

This isn't period/pregnancy/relationship related but I don't know where else to ask that I might actually get a response. If I need to remove this, I will. But I'm scared and desperate.

I'm 20 years old and I live in my moms basement temporarily.

Wednesday night, I got home from work and noticed that the screen in the window above my kitchen sink had been knocked out. It's a cheap screen, this has happened before, and it was a windy day, so I ignored it.

Then my mom noticed that her drawers had been disturbed. It didn't appear that anything was missing, but they weren't how she left them. She chalked it up to either my younger sister or my nephew. She was a little annoyed by it, but she let it go.

Last night (so Sunday night), I was in our backyard for the first time in a few days and noticed that one of our patio chairs was propped up against the house, right beneath the kitchen window. The screen was bent on the ground. That didn't happen because of the wind.

I went through and asked everyone in the house if they knew anything about it, and nobody seems to know. I believe them. We have 2 large dogs and plenty of firearms in the house. In fact, both my mom and I carry everywhere we go.

I believe it happened Wednesday afternoon. I was at work. My mom was at work. My sister was at school. It was one of the only days that nobody was home. Nothing seems to be missing other than a few articles of clothing and a blanket off the couch. I feel absolutely afraid and totally violated. I don't know what to do because I feel it's too late to go to the police but what else can I do? Please help.