ttc after miscarriage

i found out i had a miscarriage exactly a month ago on the 1st, i had a D&E; on the 6th and ended up in er on the 14th cause i woke to feeling something come out of me. it was a blood clot, come to find out the D&E; was not done properly and a 3in piece of tissue was left in, the Drs gave me a Rx to help the process, clots stopped bleeding stopped a week later i started spotting and was in pain, any time i peed or 💩 it was painful then once again started to clot again so back to er again. the er said that the piece was still there but it moved and was ready to come out so they gave me another Rx and sent me home. once again clotting stopped, saw my Dr for a post op and she said things looked good cervix was closed and levels were normal she told me it would be ok to start ttc again, but when should i expect a period? ive bled so much weather it was clotting, light bleeding or even spotting. ive been easily turned on the past couple days and i dont want to keep having sex cause i want him to build his load up for the right time when we know im ovulating. ive never been through a miscarriage and dr said by week 4 i would get period but nothing yet just spotting. any one with advice i would appreciate it.