Would You Get Upset Too?

So I've been dating this guy for about 7 months. Sometimes, before he takes me home we'll park in the park and just chill there. Since he got his new job I only see him about once a week and, yes, we usually spend the whole day together, but I really try to get as much out if it as possible (I have to be home by 10 on weekdays). So today, he was taking me home and we were close and it was only about 9:30 and the park isn't far from where i live (like maybe 5 minutes) so i asked if we could go. He says he doesn't feel like going and he's not going. So i just stopped talking the rest of the ride. Because he's off tomorrow so it's not like he has to rush home and even if he did say he was tired he wouldn't go to sleep, he'd be up playing the game all night with his friends. I told him thanks for taking out the trash and hugged and kissed him before he left and told him to text me when he made it home safely, because tomorrow isn't promised and anything can happen but i had an attitude the whole time. I just want to spend all the time possible with him when I see him, is that so bad?

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