Sperm Donor (Advice Needed)

Hey, it’s taken me a while to post this. I’ve been with my partner now for 2 years he told me really early on that he had a vasectomy. I tried over the last two years to get over the fact that I’ll not have a child with him. But. The last two years have grown my love for him, and I’m struggling with not having another child. Both my love for him and love for another child is pulling me in separate directions. I have Son he has a Daughter and a Son. Both previous relationships.

He has made it clear that he doesn’t want more children, I’ve made it clear that by choosing him I’m giving up on wanting a child.

Now I’m thinking I can’t give that up. The only plausible way is sperm donation. (His snip is not reversible. His tubes are really scarred and he clotted so had it done twice!!)

Further info;

I’ve always said no more children after 30, I was 29 last month, so the pull has gotten harder. I wouldn’t even find someone else in under a year, and I wouldn’t want to, I’m absolutely in love with my man.

Edit: I’ve not mentioned this to him yet, as literally have no idea how to broach the subject. He is against having more children. Which probably says everything.

The hardest part is how to start the conversation with him. I can talk about literally anything else!