dysphoria issues


So, I identify as non-binary. typically gender neutral, I default to feminine expression when I'm around my family because it's easier than androgyny. I genuinely thought I had my identity figured out. lately I've been having a lot of dysphoria, though. It's mostly physical. I can't stand to look in the mirror, I feel more masculine than feminine, and I get this strange anxiety. I've always believed that gender could be fluid, so it's not like I'm having an identity crisis based on my internal gender identity changing, but I'm engaged to a trans man and I'm afraid that my family (who doesn't like my fiance) will say that my gender identity shifting is due to his influence. I don't want to deal with that confrontation and as my life has been incredibly hectic lately, having to completely rediscover myself is less than ideal. any advice would be appreciated. I'm a 18 year old AFAB non-binary person from a Roman Catholic family, for context.