HELP, please ladies!

Anne • - Trying is enough ❤️

Hi ladies. I’m 19 years old and experiencing the WORST menses of my life. It just started last night. I bled through my tampon, underwear, and pajama pants on to my bed at about 3am. It’s 5am now. I’ve never had a period wake me up from sleep before because of pain. I’m shaking (maybe dehydration?) and sweating. My cramps are severely painful. I’ve broken more than 4 bones and I would choose all of that again just to not feel this pain. I’m not diagnosed with endometriosis or PCOS or any other cramp causing problem. I’ve taken an aleve and I’m sitting in the bath but I’m still in so much pain. PLEASE, share your tips? I dont know what to do. I’m losing sleep and am vomiting in pain, and the aleve I took is not helping at all!! Please if you have any tips or tricks help me out!!!😢😭❤️🙌🏻