Should I give her a second chance?

So the background was that I moved to a whole new continent (Australia) last year, and I really struggled with it. I had trouble fitting in, and my relationship with my parents worsened. I had depression, and I would cry myself to sleep every night at 3.

My dad was working in Asia, so my mum was taking care of me. Basically, my relationship with my mother worsened drastically. now I finally find myself fitting in, and I’m a lot better now. I don’t struggle with depression anymore/ as much. BUT my relationship with my parents are still suffering. Last year, my mum would kick me out numerous times, and throw my stuff out (like my blankets, pillows). On some occasions, my parents would scream at me after I lost control because of the pain I felt. I have to admit last year I was pretty emotional. Now I got my emotions under control, but my mum aways brings up events of last year. Also, my mum haven’t lost her anger issues yet. The most serious incident this year was when I found out my mother arranged several (4-5) extra curricular for me, all of which I didn’t want, and cancelled the ones I like. She made me arrange a new schedule. My dad sat beside me while I did that. By that time, my mother was very emotional because I told her I didn’t want to do it, and she screamed at me for not being grateful and taking everything for granted. I think I went into my room and locked the door. My dad was very emotional then too. He yelled and shouted at me. He banged the door. I was very scared. Because of this, I went back out and did the schedule my parents wanted me to. By then, I was crying so hard I felt dizzy and actually couldn’t talk properly. My dad almost hit me and slammed the table hard. Basically, after that my mum came back in after her smoking sesh and I hit myself hard because she repeatedly yelled at me for my faults. I kept on hitting myself because I was wrong. My mum said I was attention seeking and that she couldn’t deal with me anymore. She kicked me out and told me to never come back. I walked out and kept on walking. My dad after 5 minutes went out and grabbed my arm and painfully pulled me in. Fyi my dad always listens to my mum and agrees with her. My mum screamed because I was back inside and threatened to call the police.I

hit myself again. That was pretty much it. After this happened, my mum blamed me for my ungratefulness and blamed her actions on a drug she was using to quit smoking, which had side effects.

So that’s the big incident. There was a pretty big one recently too, where I had to check up on some info on my mums phone and she gave me permission. She asked for it back and I said no because I need to finish checking first. She asked again and I gave it back. Then my mum started getting mad again I forgot why. My brother said that he thought my mum shouldn’t have reacted that way. My mum went outside the restaurant. We had to head back home. She was driving and she was yelling at me because my brother talked back at her. She started speeding and stopping suddenly. I was so scared. Something serious also happened that morning too.

In these few days recently, my mum became a bit nicer to me. I still maintained a rather cold attitude towards her because she has hurt me so many times and I don’t want to get hurt again.

I want to know... am I wrong and spoilt and I should give her a chance? Or is my mum at fault here... I am so scared of being hurt again. Please help me. I don’t know what to do.

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