Chemical Pregnancy

Erin • Boy mama! 💙 #1 born on 12/24/16 & #2 due 7/5/21 🥰
Hello everyone.
I think I may have just had a chemical pregnancy after 11 months of trying. I say this because not only were my temps going on an upward trend throughout my LP (has not happened in previous cycles), but I had numerous early signs of pregnancy and about 2 days of what I believe was implantation cramping about 10 DPO (mild, on and off, on one side.. then completely gone). I was a day late for my period as of yesterday, so I took a test and saw the faintest of faint lines. Today, my temp crashes, no faint line on the test, and AF finally showed up.
Naturally I am completely devastated. Has anyone else gone through this, and how did you cope with it? 😥