Almost out.😢😢AF due tomorrow w/ no PMS

Sun.V • TTC #1 after a M/C in March 2015 at 6 weeks.
Glow says I was supposed to get my period on the 17th but I have a 30 day cycle so I disregarded it. Every month after the miscarriage my period has been coming when it's supposed to and I even have PMS which I never had before. This time around I don't have any PMS and my period is due tomorrow. Other than a little sore boobs and some dull cramps I feel fine. I've tested negative this week so I don't think I got pregnant. I just don't feel it but I am hoping AF doesn't come at all! If I have a 30 day cycle and I'm due tomorrow, what DPO am I at? I don't understand that a little bit. Anybody due with me tomorrow? What are your symptoms?!