Venturing out in public

My little one was born the 12th may by c section,  she was in an awkward breech position.
I had a hard time during the op and afterwards, a little sick and we didn't get that initial latch.
She was also a fairly little baby at around 37 weeks, 3kg or 6 pound 9.
Breastfeeding has been really difficult, I got awful mastitis and she wasn't latching; was using shields; she lost half a pound and was screaming constantly her first week at least. I've been pumping around the clock and also giving her formula and EBM top ups.
I'm proud to say she's nearly a week without formula and minimal bottles and has been gaining weight.
Now I want to venture in public more. I have large Breasts and prefer to stay covered but how to go about that? I don't think I can latch her without looking and I also need to still do compressions sometimes.  
I've seen these nursing covers where mum can see the baby but do they look hokey? I would prefer to use a scarf or muslin.. I'm also not sure if she would be happy covered! Trying to practise at home but don't feel I will ever get there 😔also any good nursing bras for busty ladies? I'm in Australia if that makes a difference