Just found out that we are expecting a boy. I had my heart initially set on a girl. I truly believed it would be a girl just because I couldn’t imagine having a boy. It just seemed like a foreign concept to me. I don’t have any brothers and haven’t been around babies or little kids for a majority of my life. I have one younger sister that is only two years younger than me, and I’m not very close with my cousins (all who are mostly girls). I am wrapping my head around it and slowly coming to terms with it. I’m excited to be a mom and have a son, but it just wasn’t what I expected. But, I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything...

One thing that is making my processing this information worse is nursery decorations. I had an exact idea of what I would do for a little girl I feel bleh.

That being said, any other boy ftm’s frustrated by not having a lot of inspiration for boy nursery decorations?!?! A Pinterest search only really shows woodland, adventure, sports, zoo, or superhero frustrating!