Why is sex so over rated??

Why does everyone make such a big deal about having sex? My boyfriend and I recently did it and yeah it felt good but idk why people hate on other people for it. Like let’s be real younger people are starting to do it. And the fact that some people view them as a “bad person” for having sex is so ridiculous. Its natural and if it’s with the right person it isn’t a big deal. Like think about it some people’s first kiss or makeout sessions were a big deal in the beginning too. I just think that sex is the last step and it shouldn’t be viewed so negatively. I remember ppl slut shaming girls for saying they’ve had sex with their boyfriend that they’ve been with for a long time. It never made sense to me. So when I finally did it I saw that it wasn’t such a big deal or a bad thing that everyone was making it out to be. Remind you that I was a total prude towards sex. Even with giving head. I just wasn’t ready and when I started becoming ready slowly, it’s fun and not a big deal. Also since it was my first time, sorry this sounds stupid but he was wearing a condom obviously and he didn’t cum bc we stopped early, but can pre cum cause a pregnancy? I know it sounds stupid but hey, everything’s in my head since it was my first time. Thanks :)

Please someone answer I’m kinda scared lol