i need relationship advice

hey girls..ive been in a situation and it has been making me so anxious as of recently. so my bf and i have been together for almost 2 years. recently, he hasnt been texting me back. he will text me back late at night.. The thing is he is the type of person who loves to bike and leave his phone home. he deleted his instagram bc he actually doesnt like social media. ive confronted him before about it and he told me how he just doesnt like using his phone and he hates texting bc it doesnt feel the same. and i told him my anxiety tells me how i feel like he doesnt love me anymore..and he said i love you.. i just dont like texting. im just so worried that our relationship will be so broken that we cant fix it bc of the amount of time we spend not talking when we are away from each other. any advice? how can we work this out? update: THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS. i am a very anxious person..and it really helps that you rationalized things with me. thanks so much.