Dear Jaz,


I miss you. I miss us. I miss the relationship we had. We met when we were 3 years old and I thought that we had a silent promise that we'd stay friends for the rest of our lives. We always dreamed of the future and everything we'd do together. You were the sister I never had. I never felt like an only child because I always had you a phone call away or a short drive away. Ever since middle school you just drifted from me. I guess that that's natural considering we didn't go to the same school. You met your new current best friend, cameron. Now we're 18. We haven't seen each other in two years. You've been too concerned with your boyfriend and other best friend. You say we should hang out but never back it up... you barely answer me. We used to be each other's priority now I'm 10th in line. You've lied to me about why we couldn't get together. You've told me that you weren't having birthday parties that you were just spending it with your family yet I see on your twitter that you were with your friends like Cameron and your boyfriend every single birthday. Why couldn't I have been there? I thought we were sisters. What changed? Why? I call you and you're too busy to talk. I USED to call you and we would talk for hours. Now we can't even talk for 5 minutes, even in person because you're always on your phone talking to your other friends. I don't know what happened and I'm not sure if it's fixable but I wish it never happened.

I'll be here.