Boyfriend deserves all the medals🥇


This is an appreciation post because he deserves not only me telling him but a little bragging on social media! 😘

This man loves me. He loves me hard every single day. On my bad days, he smiles and rubs my back, on my good days he embraces the shit of them, on days I can’t get out of bed he lies there with me asking me if I need anything, he is my rock and my saving grace. We laugh, we cry, we laugh so hard we cry. He is perfect.

I have never in my life met anyone who appreciates every single part of me. My good, my bad and my ugly. My body, my soul and my heart. It’s like he has no bad or ugly, he is an angel and a man to be appreciated every single day by me. He makes it easy. I’m going through some shit right now, shit that would push a lot of women into depression but THIS MAN is keeping me above water, he’s making sure I know it WILL be okay and I cannot think of one day he hasn’t told me how Beautiful I am, made me feel loved or made me laugh.

I’ve been waiting for this kind of deep unconditional love my entire life and as a newly big 3-0 I am so excited to continue this journey of getting myself healthy, keeping my man happy and continuing on TTC our first and beautiful rainbow. He is not only on board with TTC but he embraces OPK’s and watches for symptoms, he reminds me to take my vitamins, googles what foods help and cooks those and checks in with my moods. He is literally a godsend.

I am so excited to be with this man, to love him and love his son. I will continue to be the best I can for the both of them. I am beyond blessed to have both this man and his little man in my life and I vow to embrace them both and this life together every single day. ❤️💙😘😍