Ignorant nurse


So, I don’t mean to stir the water here, but I had a run in with a nurse that pissed me off so bad I wanted to get physical.

I am a WOC. Let’s just get that out the way.

I just had a nurse come and see me a few days ago as my home nurse. I signed up for this program with the health department that would allow for a nurse to come and visit me as well as provide me with resources and all that. Anyway, I fired her at the first visit. She was shocked, offended, and a bit rude when I told her that my parents are married and live in the same house, that my man and I been together since college (she was shocked that we both went and finished), that we been together for 5 years, that we are engaged, and she used the term baby daddy and I corrected her...

She said that I was something else because she in all her 25 years of nursing had never heard of a black family being whole!

My thing is this. I work in a professional

setting in mental health. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY JOBS REQUIRES A CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND AWARENESS class. I know in the medical field she had to take one. This lady blatantly said that like I wouldn’t find a problem with that. Even if she thought it the words should have NEVER crossed her lips. Just because it isn’t publicized doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. All of my friends came from two parent homes and had the support and love to take life head on. This woman who was white had the nerve to say the shit to me in my house. Man when I tell you I was about to tear her to shreds.

I know some won’t see anything wrong with it, but baby if you don’t you’re the problem with society as well as she is.