Being a mom is hard long post

I’m so exhausted! I feel like my husband doesn’t understand me. I have 2 kids and one on the way. I feel like giving up sometimes. I feel like I do it all and it’s gonna catch up on me eventually and I’m either gonna have a breakdown or idk something 😢

According to my husband he does help but I don’t think enough I feel like he expects me to do it, get it done because I’m a mom! I know I can probably do it better the kids probably prefer me but some help or break would help and to top it off I’m pregnant! I’m not enjoying this pregnancy and I feel bad I feel like I have no relationship with my baby! Most of the time I’m tired and I think how much more tired I’ll be when the baby gets here!

Now my husband does help in his own way and is our main source of income I work too but don’t make as much as him. But I think I deserve to be equal on the kids and the house work not even I just want a break and for him to take the load off one day.

Example he was sick last night but we had a very important appt for our daughter today (cardiologist appointment) I had to drive it was an hour drive I usually freak out on the highways I’m just not used to the big highways I get nervous and it was windy we had a wind advisory today (40-50mph winds) anyways he literally knocked out the whole time while I was a nervous wreck getting us all to this huge hospital! I was very upset like he didn’t care I was so stressed! When I’m sick I push through I don’t take a day or night off . My life revolves around my kids he seems to have choices as in going to bed when he tired as for me I have to wait for my little to fall asleep, or when we eat he always gets his choice and makes it spicy so then he can’t share with our little one. Example today after the drs we went and ordered Chinese we both got rice but he made his spicy while I got mine normal so I could give some to the baby (she’s 11 months and loves table food on occasion) meanwhile he enjoys his whole plate without having to worry of sharing or stopping from stuffing his face to feed her 🤯😩 I’m just tired I feel unappreciated