Pregnant Or Just A Late Period?

My periods goin on 7 days late. I have a very regular period and it’s never been late before. I’m a virgin but my bf & I have fun very often. The most we’ve done is him rubbing his dick on my vagina & this happened once w my underwear off. He didn’t go in me at all and he didn’t cum. Is it possible pre cum could have gotten in me? (Yes ik this might sound dumb but I’m anxious and I had a 33% chance of pregnancy that day). Also I’ve given him hj/bjs & fingered myself after... I’m pre sure there was no cum on my hands being he cums either in my mouth or in a Kleenex but I can’t help but worry myself. (Also I’ve gotten my period 3 times since any of this happened but I’ve read some women get their period while prego) Please tell me ur thoughts & don’t leave mean comments. Thank u!