Help please!!

I had sex a few hours ago but it only lasted a few minutes, the man didn’t ejaculate and I am expecting my period in 9 days - I have 3% chance of pregnancy. We used a condom throughout but he didn’t take it off properly, the ‘tip’ of the condom which is the small part which would usually hold the ejaculate, and the rim were in between my vagina. It wasn’t in my vagina, but in between the lips (Sorry for that TMI but I need to be specific.)

The condom had no rips or tears as I looked at it afterwards.

Do I need to take the morning after pill tomorrow or do you guys thing I should be okay? I know taking a pregnancy test would be pointless until I miss my period so nobody needs to tell me to take one as it’s too soon.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I am really worried and need advice. (I am using condoms as my only form of birth control, and after this scare I am going to wait until I can get on the pill before having sex again.)