Should i talk to him?

so i met this guy during winter and we began to flirt and liking each other within a few months. after that he went back to his country ( he lives outside), but we kept on talking. After he came back for a few weeks, we talked again and got closer, and then one day he asked for a long distance relationship. I couldn’t accept that because the next time that i would see him would be in summer, after months. But it was fine with him.

the next day he went over to a girls house and made out with her and all other things because he was traveling the next day so he wanted to let it all out on her. and after that he came to me mad and let it all out on me because that girl was just having fun with him. he was also acting like nothing happened between us and he was telling me all about that girl and how he developed feelings for her within a month. and a day before that he asked me to be with him.. like who does that.

he got pretty mad at me and then felt so sorry and said that he couldn’t wait to see me. i stopped talking to him like before and got pissed. but he’s being nice to me now. he’s such a confusing person. he talks to me depending on his mood.

so i just wanted to ask that when he comes in summer.. do you i should go talk to him? maybe he would change or idk.