Fashion help please!


I’ll be attending 2 weddings on back-to-back weekends at the end of April and early May. I’ll be 13 & 14 week’s by then. I’m not sure if we will be telling extended family before the weddings because I do not yet know when my 12-week scan will be. (My doctor’s office has a habit of being booked so I’m worried they might do it closer to the weddings). If that happens, I do not want to announce before because I want our family members’ weddings to be about them and not my pregnancy.

Anyway, I’ve gained some weight and am needing some help thinking of pretty yet comfortable dress styles that are flattering and will not make it uber obvious that I’m expecting. Any fashion advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!! Also send pictures if you’ve worn the dress you’re thinking of while pregnant 🤗