Gotta get this off my chest.


Okay so it’s been bugging me for a while and don’t have anyone to talk about this to. So I don’t have really any type of relationship with my mother in law, she never made me feel welcomed. When I met my husband he was engaged to another women. (We didn’t hook up, barely even friends nothing more) and they were having relationship issues. Then about 10 days after we met they broke up. It sounds bad I know but I had NOTHING to do with the break up. She was awful and very controlling. But not long after they broke up we started hanging out at his house. He lived with his parents. But then his mom told me I’m no longer allowed to come to their house because him and his ex broke up. And ever since then it’s little things like that. A year ago his parents split. She and her sister was kicked out and had no where to go other than living in a hotel. I told my husband that they can stay with us until a certain month so that way we can start doing the baby room (i was pregnant at that time) and of course they stay way longer than what I told them. They lived at my house rent free, didn’t pay for food or help with any other bills. And since I was pregnant she got on my nerves a lot! Well fast forward to when I delivered my son, my husband went out and told everyone in the waiting room that mom and baby are doing good and they can visit Soon. Well his mom comes up to my husband to tell me “ it’s okay that I wasn’t in the delivery room” like what? Not even a congratulations or anything. I’m a very private shy person, like my own mom was lucky to be in the room. And my mil and I don’t talk that much. If she was in the room she would try to hold my son before me or my husband would hold him, that’s just how she is. Sorry for the long rant. I had to get it off my chest.