did I overreact???updated

Amanda ā€¢ FTM to Niklaus Eli šŸ’š

my boyfriend is always telling me I overreact and am overprotective when it cones to our son. Well this morning on my way to work I checked on our nanny cam and my boyfriend, who didn't get enough sleep last night, had fallen asleep with our 3 month old in our bed, on his stomach, under my boyfriend's comforter! We have two cats who have tried several times to lay on our baby while we were sleeping, so when I did sleep with the baby in our bed I always have my arm over him so the cats will wake me up if they try laying on him. not only that but my son can not roll over and can barely hold his head up for more than a minute or two during tummy time. And when he does cry if he's on his stomach he buries his face and won't pick his head up! and he's moved his head so he was face down twice before and didn't wake up, I just happened to catch it. the ONLY time I let him sleep on his stomach is if I'm awake to check on him. well my boyfriend is now pissed at me for coming home and waking him up to tell him he can't do that. He says I'm ovwrreacting. what do you think???? UPDATE: Now he's pissed off at me for waking him up. not only have I told him several times never to let the baby sleep on his tummy if he's not watching him, he's the one who CHOSE to stay up all night playing video games knowing he had to watch the baby this morning. And now he's threatening not to go in to work and risk getting fired and trying to blame me because it's somehow my fault he chose not to take a nap after I woke him up. I told him I don't care if he sleeps just make sure the baby is in a safe position and preferably in the bassinet. But he chose not to and is now blaming me for that too. he's so immature sometimes I just want to take the baby and leave.