Fertility struggles

JM • 28 started TTC #baby 1 June 2016. 2 and half years 🌟

I’m 27, 28 this year and I would honestly want nothing more than to be a mother, both my partner and I have been ttc since 1st or June 2016, we have never conceived ever, and I as a person am starting to lose all hope what so ever, I remember one day my mum telling me that my nana told her that she would never have any grandchildren from me, which honestly broke my heart as being a mother has always been something I have always wanted. Each month is just a big disappointment, and it honestly sucks never ever seeing or seen a positive in all of the test I’ve ever done. I know that some have been trying for a lot longer than I have but I feel no matter what we’re all in the same boat and no matter how long or short you’ve been trying fertility and ttc is hard. People who are highly fertile don’t understand our struggle, they tell you not to try so hard or they tell you to stop trying and it’ll happen, yet for them they can conceive that month.

Anyone out there who is struggling with fertility and conceiving I hear you and I’m here for you ⭐️ praying for us all.