Appreciation post 😍❤️


Appreciation post for my amazing boyfriend. I met him 6-7 years ago through my best friend, his cousin. I thought he was so dreamy then but I was too young 😂 it was not love at first sight for him at all. Fast forward to just a few months ago. I was getting out of an abusive relationship and wasn't really looking for anything serious. We started hanging out and we just clicked instantly. He makes me feel so loved, beautiful, and appreciated everyday. It's my first relationship that has had no fights or arguments. We've been together for 6 months and I have never loved anyone more than I love him. Just thought I'd share because I was in such a bad place and was being abused by someone I thought I loved. I thought I couldn't get out of that situation but I did. I'm in such a good place now and have never been happier in my life 😍