The difference a week makes is crazy!! From only a yolk sack, to a baby with heartbeat


Last week I got the top ultrasound done (thought I was 7 weeks, doctor put me at 6), and only the gestation sack and yolk sack were visible, but my HCG was at 13,000. Doctor said that’s normal, and scheduled me back a week later. I kept worrying about a blighted ovum. But today was my follow up appointment, and we got the second photo. Baby is now visible, has a crown-rump length of .67cm, and I saw the little heartbeat 😍 the gestation sack also grew a heck of a lot! He re-adjusted me to 6 weeks, 4 days along, so I was just a lot earlier than I thought! New due date is Thanksgiving!

So don’t worry too much if you have a really early ultrasound and you can’t see/hear the heartbeat or baby. The difference a week makes is crazy!! I can’t believe what’s going on in my body!! Makes all this morning sickness worth it. 👶🏻🤰🏻

Any guesses on boy or girl?? 💛