Maybe I overreacted. But he never says anything nice

So I put on this cute PLAIN and simple dress. I get ready for a fun day of hanging out with my boyfriend. I come out and ask if it looks ok and instead of saying Anything nice. He said “why are you wearing a dress? You look too formal. Why did you curl your hair?” It just broke my heart. I never wear dresses, or do my hair or make up. I did it all today. He never compliments me unless I compliment him a lot and then he’ll be like “you too”. He never makes me feel pretty and never tells me I look good or anything. I went to the bathroom to take off my toenail polish (so I could wear flip flops to be more causal and brushed out my curls). I just didn’t feel like going anymore (just a couple errands we had to run). He kept asking me why I was having an attitude and I just said I didn’t want to talk about it. I tried to leave the room and he shoved me back by my shoulders. (I was in a abusive relationship before and he knows that so it really hurt me that he did that). At this point I was crying. I probably overreacted but he’s just not good at being a boyfriend. He never says nice things to me. Rarely tells me he loves me first, doesn’t do Anything for me. So he left and I’m here crying. Great start to the day. Oh and here’s the dress that’s too formal to. Literally a plain hollister dress.