No sex

My boyfriend won’t have sex with me and when I tell him how it makes me feel he says I’m manipulating him. He can get drunk 4 nights a week but he’s not feeling well enough to have sex. Then says he’s depressed. It’s honestly making me depressed and I cry everyday.

Update- to people trying to say I’m not there for him after him telling me he’s depressed that’s rude as fuck. I am there for him and I am depressed, he gets violent when he’s drunk and I hold him and his life together. He’s a rig worker so that’s the reason he’s depressed he gets this way when work shuts down. He’s 10+ years older than me and he has a therapist. He uses it as a manipulation tactic and wants sex when he wants it and only his way and if I do anything he doesn’t want he will stop even hard dicked.