I stood my ground

봄하루 • Human wreckage

He's got female friends but whatever, we're allowed to have friends. It was brought to my attention however that these friends don't know we're together. Five fucking months of being some kind of secret, these girls thinking he's available. On a normal day, I'd cry and he'd apologize. On a normal day, I'd forgive him and he wouldn't hold his word to make it up to me. On a normal day, he'd find a way to make it sound like it was my fault.. WELL GUESS FUCKING WHAT, ASSHOLE. I'M PISSED OFF NOW SO I'M NOT GONNA BE EASY TO PUSH OVER AND YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING HEAR EVERYTHING I WAS SO FUCKING LENIENT ON. Apologize. Say you're sorry. Repeat that i don't deserve this and that you're gonna try harder, i don't give two fucks anymore. I hung up on his dumbass and he was messaging that he was sorry and I told him, "I'm sorry you don't know how to learn the first time. Go back to your day, I'm tired of talking to you." Hand me the fucking tequila, i stood my ground instead of crying and letting him back.