What’s my next step👀🤯

Hi I’m Raiyah but go by Ray I’m 19 years old a student majoring in forensics science I have 2 jobs I work in a warehouse and I teach kids to swim but enough about me im very regular and have a 28 day cycle last month I my fertile window was the last week of March with a ovulation day on the 28th my boy friend and I have unprotected sex and had unprotected sex on that day but he did pull out since then little things have been happening I’m really tired my nipples are really sensitive to touch really sore just wearing a sports bra kills me I had mild cramps as if I was about to get my period but it’s not due yet mood swings are out the roof ( all this is being told to me by my boyfriend) nausea is there but I never vomit I have mild headaches and heat flashes ( glow has always predicted my period on time and it’s al ways on time ) is there a possibility I could be pregnant this would be my first baby and although I’m extremely scared I’m also excited