HELP! Medication issue with TTC

Emily • Momma to Miss Emma!

So I went off of zyrtec because my OB said it can dry up CM when TTC and even though we just started trying, I'm wanting to do everything I can to make it smoother and easier for us. Problem is, I have pretty extreme allergies to lawn grass and now people are mowing around here (NC). Because I'm not on meds, I now have infected tonsils and a sinus infection and I'm slowly starting to get a cough. I've only been off meds for a week. I get pneumonia every summer because of people mowing grass and I think it will be worse if I don't take any meds. What experience do yall have with allergy meds when TTC? It's like choosing the lesser of 2 evils but I also don't need to get pregnant and end up with chronic infected tonsils and pneumonia. I need help 😣