Anxiety and Depression


I’ve had anxiety for years now. And I’m only 13. I was bullied in primary school - pushed into bins etc. And I’m High School I was bullied for three years - I’ve just recently (about three weeks ago) moved schools. I have always had a tendency to have panic attacks. This all happened because people made fun of me for my first year of High School - because I hadn’t glo’d up yet. Then in my second year - people would write things about me on the toilet walls, with the content of “kill yourself” etc. That happened for five months and there were about 20 different comments. Very threatening. And my third year of Hugh School has been filled to the brim with harassment and cyber bullying. As god imagine, this has caused excessive amounts of anxiety - it’s gotten to the point where I felt no need to eat because I was in fight or flight mode. I never noticed but I was starving myself, without knowing it. And my depression has brought on suicidal and self-harming thoughts. I’m not that bad but I’m coping with all of this alone. Whilst all of that was happening, I barely had any friends in my year of school - they were all a year or two under me. As everyone (bar one person who was friendly with me in secret but not around other people. They were embarrassed or being seen with me!!) in my year was harassing or bullying me. I also got made fun of for having younger friends. So I had nobody to turn to because I didn’t want to upset anyone. Throughout that period of chaotic High School - I just got dumped by my boyfriend. He was at a party laughing on the phone to me and then ended the call and sent me a breakup message. :((( Thank you for reading this. It’s really god to get a good vent off your chest. Does anyone know how I can help my anxiety??