okay SO let me give some background info:

-lost my virginity at 14 (im currently 18)

-body count is higher than 25

-i have had lots of sex with many different guys

-im on a lot of different medicines

the story: so ever since i was 14, and through the many sexual encounters i have had, a man has never, not once, made me orgasm.

if ive been with many different people, shouldnt at least one person have done something for me by now?

**i have been able to make myself orgasm, but i did not use a toy, i just used clit stimulation for a long time**

my bff has this theory that i am a person who needs to have an emotional connection with my partner in order to orgasm (i almost orgasmed once with a guy i really liked- i have never really had sex with someone i liked or cared about)

anyways its really frusterating how i cant enjoy sex because i cant finish!

my obgyn said that she does not think my medications (psychiatric and thyroid medicines) are causing this issue.

so for any experienced women out there, what is your opinion? i feel really hopeless...

do you think this a biological or psychological factor???