I’m 38 and had a miscarriage in December . Today I’m 8 weeks pregnant. What are my chances of having another one? I’m scared and panicing. First one was at 8 weeks four days and there was no heart beat we found out at 9 weeks. At 6 w four days we saw and heard heart beat and it was at 132 bpm. Next ultrasound is at 9 weeks next week. They checked my HCG levels early on and showed they were doubling. I am also taking progesterone every night. what are my chances of smtnng going wrong again. I can’t stop obsessing and worrying and we have had a lot of stress lately. My husband and I argue and I also have no symptoms which I’m paranoid about as I had no symptoms with last pregnancy either that ended in mmc. Please pray for me. I’m going to be 39 in June and can’t handle another loss.