Idk where to post this. Please help or same I’m crazy


My husband has been working out of town for the past two weeks, like an hours drive home. Today I went to put his clothes in the hamper and smelled his briefs.. they smell like FISH!! We just a whole confrontation of me trying to ask him why his drawls smelled like fish. He said maybe his asshole smell like fish. I went to sit in the bathroom to think and he come in talking about he has no idea what I’m talking about

When the fuck does he have to cheat unless he’s lying about working. We’ll see on this paycheck. He always is coming home to me and “his” dog. I feel like I’m either being untrustworthy or too trustworthy. Someone help?!?!

Here’s something that prolly should have been said at first, when we married for six months is when I was faithful. Too long of a story. I have bad depression and anxiety, I think he hasn’t forgave me and is fucking me over. We’ve been married two and a half years. And now is the only time I brought up anything about it him seeing someone else, while at work.