Does anybody know when they are going to get their period?

Kristi • Mother of 3 girls and 1 boy. Pregnant with #5. Rainbow baby.

This is probably TMI so here’s your fair warning.

Almost every time, but not always, a few days before I get my period I will be going to the restroom and I can smell the blood and then know that means my period is coming. It smells coppery. Does anybody else have this happen? Well I’m disappointed because I’m ttc and I’m 10 dpo too early to test, even though I really want to, we used ovulation tests this time around. I got a peak result on the 25th, was really hoping this was my month, a December baby would be amazing. But I’m disappointed because I went pee this morning and it had the copper smell I know means blood. I was planning to test 11 or 12 dpo. Should I still test in a few days or should I not waste my test?