Why can’t I answer this question?

Sarah • 🌈👶 Eliora 11-12-18 👼 👼 Christina & Isabella 12-17-16

For what seems like the second day in a row, I’ve encountered polls asking “is this pregnancy your 1st 2nd 3rd child” and I’ve gone to answer and then frozen not knowing how to answer. My twin daughters were my first pregnancy in 2016. They were stillborn at 20 weeks and were real and loved, and so they were my first and second children. So that would make this my 3rd child. But why doesn’t that answer feel honest? I feel like I need a giant asterisk next to my response with a justification every time, because if this is my third child I should be an experienced momma, but I’m not. And then I want to answer 1st child just to make life simpler because doesn’t that get to the gist of what they’re really asking? But then I feel like I’m a horrible person pretending my twins didn’t exist. And I realize I can just keep scrolling and not answer at all, but I feel like answering a seemingly simple question shouldn’t be this hard. Any one else have a similar internal battle with questions like this? How do you answer?