Any August 17 Baby’s mommas pregnant again??!!


I know it sounds crazy right????

I’m not trying to get pregnant but am also not on BC (I don’t do well with the hormones in BC and I’m terrified of the iud or whatever that’s called).

I do breastfeed but since baby is eating foods she’s not breastfeeding every 2 hours like she used to so I can’t use that as BC.

My husband would love more baby’s now but I’m so terrified being that I had a C-Section and some minor complications and my doctor said not to have another baby for 2 years.


Is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms around 7 months PP?

Like could it be the hormones leaving my body?

I’m having similar symptoms like when I was pregnant.

•Belly is getting bigger without weight gain

•Nauseous every single evening (I was nauseous every evening while pregnant)

•Mood swings

•Crying for any reason

•Crazy vivid dreams

•Excessive thirst

•Frequent urination

I know I knowwwww “Take A Test......

Well I’m scared lmao. Ok I’ll get a test within the next couple days.

Oh and by the way my period was 14 days late and then I got it last week BUT when I was pregnant with my babygirl I actually started bleeding heavy 2 days after a positive pregnancy test and it lasted the same time my period normally does and it happened for the 1st 2 or 3 months. And thank God I had her full term and she’s healthy so apparently that was more than likely from my placenta previa.

Sorry for the long post, just tried to answer some questions ahead of time LoL