21 month old screams in car seat


Has anyone had this problem and how long did it last? My son HATES being confined to one spot and not able to move about as he wants. He’s extremely active and runs off to wherever when he’s loose but is now testing the car seat and throwing the biggest tantrums screaming and crying in the car the entire time. He needs to understand that when he’s in the car, it is what it is but of course I can’t verbally communicate that to him so I have to drive in silence and just bear it. Talking to him makes it worse so I ignore it but it is SO stressful and hard hearing/seeing him like that. He doesn’t get carsick either so it’s not that. Toys/objects of all sorts don’t keep him content for long. He just throws them after 5 minutes including touch pads. Same with food. He’s always been fussy in the car being such an active baby from the start especially when we’re stopped. He always threw a fit when we’re not moving but now it’s the entire time. I swear this has been the hardest age so far..here we come terrible two’s 😕 Oh and we won’t drive anywhere till he’s had his nap and ate and is in good spirits but it makes no difference. He just hates being restrained.