Help Please


My boyfriend and i have been trying for a baby for a while now, My last period was started on the 28th of Feb and last until March 4th. I was expected to have another peiod on March 28th. I started bleeding light pink (TMI) but it was unusually light and lasted abt 2-3 days i couldnt put a tampon in because it hurt because it was nearly dry. & i always use super because i bleed heavy he 1st couple days, i tested on friday and got a neg. the bleeding completely stopped on Saturday March 31. I have been having cramps and my stomach is really tight. I dont know if i could be pregnant but if that wasnt my period im 8 days late. Tested Wednesday night and got a Neg, and Thursday Morning and got a neg. i dont know whats going on but my period was very light and i have never experienced that. Any advice.