Too lazy to help me

My husband loves to have fun- but he never helps me. He won't pick up after himself and he lives like a pig. I left and he didn't clean the cat litter box enough so the whole basement smells like piss and I have to rip out the carpet and paint the trim and walls- he knows I am stressed about it  and he went to a fishing tourney for the last 2 days- he promised me if we could go he would help me around here. 
Now he's on his way home and he called me and asked if we could go to a movie. I am so mad!!! He hung up on me because I said - well you promised you'd help me and I want to get this done so I don't have to keep stressing about it. 
What do I do?! It's never going to get better - he knows he's lazy and I am tired of fighting with him. He just says he's sorry but never does anything.
 Should I give up and just do it myself- which will piss me off forever knowing me- or should I just go find someone else who gives a shit? Is this too stupid to think about leaving my husband over? I feel like I have no clue how hard to push this til death do us part thing. I try so hard and he just goes to work and does what he wants. 
Thanks in advance for your advice I really want other opinions.