Should backyard breeding be illegal?


**Ok, I made a post the other day about looking down on someone for buying a dog from a breeder. This post isn’t about breeders who do it humanely & correctly, this is about backyard breeders**

My husbands ex girlfriend pops up on my Facebook every once in a while, for the wrong reasons.

She at 20 years old bred two German Shepherd mix’s and sold them for profit. But kept one as a “service dog”.

The humane society in our city knows this girl and posts actively on their Facebook about what she is doing, kind of like a “buyer beware” thing. Many of the puppies had birth defects and were put down.

She has bred the same dog over, and over, and over.

My question to CC is, should this be illegal? Should we incarcerate people who breed dogs over and over without the knowledge of what their doing?