3 Children


I was wondering what it was like going from 2 to 3 kids. I currently have a 1.5 year old boy and a 5 month old daughter (13 months apart). I’m nervous to add another because we plan to have the next baby in a year or two. The gap would be bigger.

My worry with three is that someone is going to be left out either because we have two boys and a girl or two girls and a boy or because the two older are close in age. Am I overthinking it? I just worry three kids that two of them may be closer.

Also is three kids a lot different from a parenting than two? I have two under two so I can handle chaos but is it very overwhelming?!

Lastly, after three did you know you were done? I always worry I may never get the feeling of being done because I love the idea of a big family. I’m lucky to have two healthy children maybe I should put all my love and focus toward them.

So many questions I have!! 😅 Any input would be appreciated!!