I feel the need to brag on my hubby.

Kayleigh • Mom to 2 kiddos 👩‍👧‍👦 Wife 💏 Baby #3 June 14th 2019

So my hubby works overnights, I work days as an OB nurse. We are TTC our 3rd baby, I drive a smaller crossover; no 3rd row, so therefore no real room for 2 boosters and one infant car seat. Well my sweet, amazing has been working an immense amount of overtime, unbeknownst to me why; till today! He calls me on my lunch break and tells me he is outside, for me to come outside and bring my keys. I walk outside and ladies this beautiful man of mine is standing next to a 2017 Ford Expedition Limited that is fully loaded, knowing very well I’ve been eyeballing this suv for months online. He hands me the keys and tells me “this is for being the most amazing wife and mother to me and our children. You deserve this baby and I love you. If you’re not happy with it, we can go find one you are happy with when you get off work. Don’t worry about the payments being more, I worked all that overtime so that I could put enough down on it for you so that your payments would be roughly the same amount. I love you so much” LADIES, this man is AMAZING!!!! I could not be more blessed! I fall more and more in love with him everyday.

And this is my gorgeous new ride, that will fit wayyyy more than 3 kiddos!